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Kentang nipis digoreng dan digaul bersama ikan bilis beserta cili!

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Kentang nipis digoreng dan digaul bersama ikan bilis beserta cili!

Delivery Charges Klang Valley Only - RM10

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Tijals Caramel Popcorn

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Super delicious caramel popcorn. Once you try it you will forever fall in love with it! Made from corn, oil and caramel. Locally made. Ship...

Choc Cheese Cake

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Important Pre-Order Instructions Pre-order Delivery This product is only available as a pre-order. Kindly indicate date & time of req...

Dendeng Balado Merah

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Masakan authentic Indonesia daging goreng nipis yang lembut dimasak bersama cili merah. Berselera dimakan bersama nasi hangat! Delivery Char...

CrispyChoc Anggun Candy

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‼️PERHATIAN yang suka coklat tapi xnak yang manis ‼️Info CrispyChoc Anggun Candy• Kami menggunakan Dark Coklat yang berkualiti (premium choco...
Anshty's Muruku Anshty's Muruku
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Anshty's Muruku

- 3 cans Cheesy, Original, Spicy- FRESH, HEATHLY AND CRUNCHY. 100% ORIGIN VEGETARIAN Shipping Fees  Shipping West Malaysia East Malaysia ...


NONY'S DAHAN RAPUH nih special... tepung kacang nyer dari kacang hijau GRED TRIPLE A. Sekali kunyahan terasa pasti meninggalkan jejak rindu ...
Laksa Johor Mak Laksa Johor Mak
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Laksa Johor Mak

Johorean food - Spaghetti with ikan tenggiri fish broth cooked with coconut milk and spices incl. condiments i.e.thinly sliced cucumber, oni...

AQENA Sambal Tiga Resipi Tradisional Sesedap Air Tangan Opah

1. AQENA SAMBAL IKAN MASIN - Sambal yang berasaskan cili padi dan cili merah yang dimasak mengikut resepi turun temurun bersama ikan masin. ...
Kane 480ml - Multiple Flavours Kane 480ml - Multiple Flavours
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Kane 480ml - Multiple Flavours

Premium Sugarcane juice 100% pure sugarcane juice No added sugar or water No preservatives Refreshing Drinks - Rich in Antioxidants - Great...

Original, Raw Honey

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*free wooden spoon Our honey is harvested from the hives of the mountains of Jawa Timur, Indonesia. Due to the mountain top fresh air and...

Krunchy Karamel Nuts with Durian

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150g Shipping Fees  Shipping West Malaysia East Malaysia RM 10.00 RM 20.00

Homemade Low Carb Sambal Merah and Sambal Ijo

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Home made ready to eat sambal. Healthier version of sambal with NO sugar, NO preservatives, low carb, gluten free and HALAL Shipping Fees ...